Recommended Rooms at Porcelain Hotel to Your Solo Traveling Experience

By | December 26, 2021

Porcelain Hotel turns out to meet all your needs when you want to go solo. When it comes to being a solo traveler, it’s easy because you have to do everything yourself and experience the vacation yourself. Well, the following recommendations for several room options will be more helpful.

Standard Queen

Because you will have a staycation experience with solo traveling, that means you only need one bed to rest. The bed can also be used by visitors for two adults, so you can feel a wider space to rest comfortably.

Meanwhile, the room size is 10.0 SQM with a queen size bed type. The room is classified as non-smoking, so those of you who are not comfortable with a room smelling cigarette smoke need not worry anymore. Room amenities or room service consist of Air Conditioning or AC, coffee and tea making machines, and bottled water.

It doesn’t stop there because several other facilities will also be available, such as refrigerators, televisions, and curtains. The bathroom facilities are also very complete, starting from hot water when you take a shower at night, toiletries, and a hairdryer.

This room is indeed only allowed for visitors to occupy for two people and there will be no additional beds. In terms of price and facilities, the choice for a standard queen can be considered worth it and helps to save your budget.

Other Benefits of Choosing a Standard Queen Room

If you want to use a queen-size mattress as an option, it is very important to know the benefits or benefits first. Here are several benefits that you can get.

1. Perfect for Saving Space

Among several other mattress options, the queen size is the most compact for two travelers. Because it saves space, you can still use other interiors, and support a neat room decoration.

The 80 cm wide space for one person will make you feel satisfied and comfortable to rest all day. If the goal for your vacation is a staycation, without the need to get out of bed, you can still work more freely.

2. Efficient Budget

Those of you who want to go solo traveling, of course, have to pay attention to the budget, right? Well, because this room with a queen-size bed is not too expensive, the budget for a vacation can be more economical. Not to mention the high-quality and complete room service, so you don’t need to spend additional funds to meet your needs.

The toiletries are also complete, even the staff who are experts in the language will help you if you have certain difficulties. Room service is very satisfying and in line with expectations.

3. Guaranteed Cleanliness

One of the obstacles that sometimes make visitors hesitate when choosing a room is cleanliness. Of course, Porcelain Hotel prioritizes this because visitors will feel at home when the room is always clean and smells good.

Are you ready for solo traveling at Porcelain Hotel? Now, it’s time for you to prepare carefully and prepare a budget. You have got the right type of room, just adjust it later.

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