Delicious Cuisine in 4 Types of Menu at Raffles Hotel Singapore

By | October 24, 2021

As a resort with many visitors, Raffles Hotel’s restaurant has many menus with delicious flavors. In general, the menu contained in the Raffles Hotel restaurant consists of several types based on serving time.

1. Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu is a menu of dishes for breakfast, and the kinds of meals on this menu are diverse. The breakfast menu consists of 4 types based on the country. Those are European, American, English, and Indonesian breakfast.

Each country has a different breakfast menu. The ingredients are about the same, but only the presentation technique is different. Visitors to Raffles Hotel can have breakfast with eggs, cereal, fish, meat, or bread.

As for the drinks, the breakfast menu has tea, coffee, milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, fruit juices, and others. The restaurant at this hotel has provided a variety of breakfast menus, and you can choose according to your taste.

2. Luncheon and Dinner Menu

The luncheon menu is a menu for lunch, while the dinner menu is a menu for dinner. The types of dishes included in the luncheon and dinner menu are usually filling main meals.

The thing that distinguishes dishes from luncheon and dinner menus is the size, and usually, the dinner menu has a small portion of meals. The courses available in the luncheon and dinner menu can also be local or foreign food.

3. Buffet Menu

Next is the buffet menu, which is buffet food that is usually placed on a large plate, right on a long table. Raffles Hotel visitors can take the available food as much as possible with the type and amount according to taste.

Buffet menu is usually a special dish for various types of celebration events at resorts with buffet dishes. Some events that normally use the buffet menu are weddings, birthdays, business inaugurations, and others.

Especially for various events such as weddings, birthdays, and others, Raffles Hotel provides a hall as a venue for events. If you want to hold an event, you can rent a hall and restaurant services from this resort.

The prices offered are quite diverse, and will later be adjusted to the type of food and the duration of your event.

4. Super Menu

A Supper menu is a menu of dishes they serve for visitors who want to eat late at night. The types of courses included in the supper menu are usually low-calorie foods.

Several supper menu dishes are fruit cake, lasagna, ham, English cake, boiled meat, and minute steak. The food available on the supper menu is perfect for those of you who spend the middle of the night doing office tasks.

Not only providing adequate room facilities, but Raffles Hotel also provides a restaurant with a diverse menu. After knowing what menus of the dishes are at this resort, you can better understand and be precise in ordering dishes. Which one do you like the most? Make sure to choose it when you have a holiday in Singapore.

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